Winter 2021 Collectibles: Gordon & MacPhail, Yamazaki, Rosebank

In every issue of Whisky Advocate, we recommend three whiskies that are generally limited releases and show the most potential to gain value. For Winter 2021, the top choices came from Scotland and Japan.

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Gordon & MacPhail Generations 80 year old single malt (Distilled at Glenlivet)
95 points, 44.9%, $108,085

The nose is fragrant with black cherry, black currant cassis, apricot stone, pressed flowers, creamy caramel, beeswax polish, leather, and a touch of smoke. Sweet creamy texture of caramel-drizzled dates, elegant sherry notes, citrus peel oils, menthol, soft peppery spices, and a faint trace of pipe smoke on the finish. The lack of heavy oak tannins from a cask filled in February 1940 is as remarkable as this whisky.—Jonny McCormick

Yamazaki 25 year old (2021 release)
95 points, 43%, $2,000

The mizunara wood notes are striking, with sandalwood, incense, and the sweet fragrance of wilting flowers, intermingled with vanilla, dried fruits, and fragrant wood spices. Rich and complex, with sweet vanilla, soft oak, ripe green fruits, and citrus bitterness, ending in a pool of creaminess with a gently oaked finish. A fabulously rich version of Yamazaki 12 compared to the 1984 and previous 25 year old which are sherried and spicy.—Jonny McCormick

Rosebank 30 year old 1990 single malt (Release 1)
92 points, 48.6%, $3,000

The first Rosebank on the path to the distillery reopening is buttery and golden with rich vanilla, notes of lemon-zested lemon meringue pie, honeycomb, polished oak, marzipan, and a pinch of wood spices. This is a classic Rosebank, a soft, intimate dram with sweet almonds, butterscotch, grapefruit peel, gooseberry bitterness, background spices, and a finish of pear and vanilla. Welcome back Rosebank, it’s been too long. (300 bottles for the U.S.)—Jonny McCormick

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