WhiskyFest Speaker Brian Treacy

Brian Treacy

President  |  Sagamore Spirit

Since early 2013, Brian Treacy has served of President of Sagamore Spirit, overseeing the Baltimore distillery buildout and design, as well as product and business development. Since hitting the market in 2016, Sagamore Spirit has become the best-selling rye whiskey in on/off-premise accounts through Maryland distribution partner, RNDC. In addition to local success, Sagamore Spirit is distributed in 35 domestic markets and Japan. Before joining Sagamroe Spirit, Brian created Four Seasons Guides, an outdoor adventure company located in Flagstaff, Arizona. USA TODAY named FSG as one of the “Top 10 Best Family Adventures” and Trip Advisor awarded FSG with multiple “Certificates of Excellence” for being one of the top ranked adventure companies in the United States.