Summer 2022 Collectibles: Compass Box, Heaven Hill, Midleton

In every issue of Whisky Advocate, we identify three whiskies that are generally limited releases and show the most potential to gain value. For Summer 2022, the top choices came from Scotland, Kentucky, and Ireland.

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Compass Box Vellichor
94 points, 44.6%, $450

Honey, sanded oak, potpourri, charred oak, banoffee pie, dark fruits, green olive, coffee grounds, ginger, pepper, and a savory leather note: plenty for the olfactory senses to grapple with. Soft fruits, maltiness, berries, chocolate, plum, bramble, red apple, and gently supportive spices to taste, it develops a superbly thick and chewy texture with a waxy mouthfeel on the finish. I consider this among blender James Saxon’s best work to date. (3,246 bottles)—Jonny McCormick

Heaven Hill Heritage Collection 17 year old Barrel Proof Bourbon
93 points, 59.1%, $275

A bountiful nose offers aromas of buttered pancakes, fresh corn- bread, confectionery powder, vanilla-frosted lemon cake, and grape jelly, all promising great things. Smooth and well-spiced on a palate of sweet figs, fiery spice, sassafras, licorice, dark brown sugar, and mature oak. A long finish offers surprisingly fresh notes of lemon and red berry, along with lively spice. Rich and profound, a well-aged bourbon to compete with the best aged whiskies of the world.—David Fleming

Midleton Very Rare (2022)
92 points, 40%, $200

Baked pastries drizzled with honey, vanilla fudge, fresh florals, gentle wood spices, ripe peach, white pepper, and well-rounded toasted oak aromas. The sweet grain elements are particularly delightful on this year’s release, the 39th in the series. The palate is front-loaded with spicy fruits, the pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg wrapped around flavors of mandarin, banana, red apple, and melon. Disentangled, a creamy vanilla richness remains, bolstered by oak and wood spices.—Jonny McCormick

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