Summer 2022 Best Values: Hard Truth, Old Parr, Ransom

In each issue of Whisky Advocate, the editors select three great value bottles: whiskies with solid scores, modest prices, and wide availability. For the Summer 2022 issue, an Indiana rye, 12 year old blended scotch, and Oregon blended whiskey all ranked as Best Values.

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Hard Truth 4 year old rye
88 points, 50%, $40

Initially as classic as rye gets on the nose—dill pickle, pumpernickel, peppery spice—but this is filled out by powdered sugar and a touch of honey. The palate is spicy, but not overtly so, with Red Hots and black pepper up front, softened soon after by crème brûlée, vanilla bean, and a hint of cacao. That chocolate is stronger on the finish, but it’s overtaken by caraway and dill pickle spear in the end. (41,000 bottles)—Julia Higgins

Old Parr 12 year old blended scotch
88 points, 40%, $32

Toasted cereal, honey, almonds, rich fruit, and peat smoke on the nose, with well-integrated spices, smoked meat, and a pleasant oily sensation. Well- structured on the palate, with orange taffy, walnut, marzipan fruits, buzzing spices, bitter fruit stones, dried grapefruit, and a lick of smoke, followed by a smooth dry finish with bitter orange flavors. Built around Cragganmore, this really dazzles when poured over a large cube of ice.—Jonny McCormick

Ransom WhipperSnapper
87 points, 42%, $28

This spirit whiskey—containing less than 20% straight whiskey—is made from corn neutral spirits, rye, and barley, and opens with grainy cereal and marshmallows, light lemon and cherry candies, and fresh-cut lumber. On the palate there’s sweet corn, more lemon candies, and a woody backbone supporting the other flavors. Water brings out light chocolate and nutty notes; Reese’s peanut butter cups and lava cake take the lead. The finish is short and light, with milk chocolate and a tannic woodiness. (5,580 bottles)—Shane English

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