Stocking Stuffers: Snackable Treats for Whisky Lovers

You may be planning on gifting a loved one a bottle of whisky this holiday season, but pay mind to their stocking, too, and spice it up with these whisky-centric snacks or a gift card for them. From salty to sweet, these delicious bites call on Irish whiskey, scotch, and Tennessee whiskey to deliver a full tasting experience.

Munchable Delights, Paired Perfectly With Whisky

Whiskey minis mixed up with potato chipsA Poppable Bag of Whisky Miniatures
We’ve sung the virtues of the whisky mini in the past—they’re portable, inexpensive, and an easy way to try something new. Around the start of football season, Tullamore D.E.W. introduced this 6-pack of minis of its Original Irish whiskey called Tully Chips ($29 through Caskers), giving the sports-minded whisky drinker something new to bring to the watch party. Packaged to look like an actual bag of chips, this works just as great as a fun and surprising holiday gift. And pairing whiskey with chips is a winning combination. Tayto is considered the holy grail of Irish potato chips, or “crisps” as they call them in Ireland. American drinkers can pair Tully with Zapp’s New Orleans Kettle Style Potato Chips in Voodoo Heat and get great results.—TS

A Whisky-Infused Pairing Snack
When it comes to quick and easy pairings, it’s hard to beat a well thought-out snack. Our favorites combine sweet and salty flavors allowing you to use multiple parts of your palate; think chocolate-covered almonds or peanut butter-filled pretzels. Or you can just combine your whisky and your snack into one convenient bite with Eatable’s Whisky on the Pops Gourmet popcorn ($9). Air-popped and coated with scotch-infused caramel, these deliver a bit of smoke, salt, and sweetness. The Top Shelf Trio ($28) gets you Whisky on the Pops along with Pop the Champagne and Pop the Salt and Tequila, though Eatable offers a range of spirit and wine-infused popcorns to purchase individually. If your family is opting to stream a movie at home rather than hit the theaters this holiday, elevate the experience with a nice glass of peaty scotch and some gourmet snacking.—TS

Box of chocolates and a glass of whiskeyChocolates Designed With Whisky in Mind
It’s no secret that chocolate and whisky go great together. We have recipes for chocolate cocktails and the ever-popular bourbon balls but whisky brands are also leaning into pairings by collaborating with world-renowned chocolatiers. Vosges has a box of chocolate bombes using Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve ($45), Winans teamed up with Watershed Distillery for some Bourbon Cherry Cordials ($20-$35), and Chef Jacques Torres is selling bonbons made with Woodford Reserve Double Oaked ($27) with a portion of proceeds going to a good cause. Elsewhere, chocolate maker Compartés’ specialty truffles are made with Macallan 18 year old ($38 for a 10 piece set) and dark chocolate ganache, coated with single origin dark chocolate.—TS

Rack of ribsFor the Meat Lover In Your Life
Whisky and meat are a match made in heaven, and if your preferred choice of meat is succulent, smoky barbecue, then you’re in luck: Tennessee barbecue stalwart Peg Leg Porker is available on fine food delivery site Gold Belly. Within days after ordering, the meat lovers in your life can enjoy a feast of dry-rub ribs and pulled pork ($139 for 2 racks of ribs, 2 lbs. of pulled pork, 1 bag of pork rinds, 1 bottle of barbeque sauce, and 1 bottle of dry rub). But of course, barbecue isn’t the only thing Peg Leg Porker offers—the pit master, Carey Bringle, is a whiskey fan himself, so much so that he created his own Tennessee whiskey label back in 2015.—JH

Bottle of scotch alongside a block of cheeseCheddar Paired Perfectly With Whisky
We’ve delved into how whisky and cheese complement each other in the past, given that the many flavors found within whisky can be right at home with any number of cheeses when paired correctly. If you’re of the same mind, then a pairing of aged single malt and matured cheese might just make your day, and GlenDronach is now offering such a duo via ReserveBar. Whisky and cheese lovers can enjoy a bottle of GlenDronach 12 year old alongside an 8 oz. wedge of Point Reyes white cheddar ($105), which was aged for one year at the company’s farm in California. Make it a full charcuterie board by tacking on some prosciutto, which harmonizes beautifully with single malts matured in sherry casks such as this one.—JH

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