Spring 2021 Collectibles: Bruichladdich, Cascade Moon, Russell’s Reserve

In every issue of Whisky Advocate, we select three bottles to recommend as collectibles: whiskies that are generally limited releases and show the most potential to gain in value. For Spring 2021, the top choices came from Scotland, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

For all whiskies reviewed in the Spring 2021 issue, check out the full Buying Guide.

Top Whiskies to Add to Your Collection

bruichladdich 1994 26 year old black art 8.1Bruichladdich 26 year old Black Art 1994 Single Malt Scotch (Edition 8.1)
92 points, 45.1% ABV, $450

A bright and delicate nose is spritzed with lemon and mandarin orange, perfumed with salt-sprayed hibiscus, and supported by the creamy sweetness of almonds and pistachios. Consistent on the palate, which shines with zingy, zesty lemon, orange, and grapefruit, though cinnamon, peppermint, almonds, and oak offer a tempering influence. It finishes with sweet mint and oak, cinnamon, and a creeping tobacco flavor—the end of a great cigar. —Susannah Skiver Barton

cascade moon edition no. 2 whiskeyCascade Moon (Edition No. 2) Tennessee Whiskey
92 points, 45% ABV, $250

Peanuts in the shell, corn silo, baking spice, Lipton’s tea bag, brown sugar, blueberry Pop Tart, and Dr. Pepper on the nose, and a touch of solvent that reveals maturity. The chewy palate’s blueberry muffin and grape jelly combine seamlessly with peanuts and milk chocolate. Water brings out a sheen of citrus oil, but bruises the fullness of flavor; use sparingly. A rounded finish of oak, dark chocolate, and integrated spice leaves nothing but satisfaction. —Susannah Skiver Barton

russells reserve 2003 16 year old bourbonRussell’s Reserve 2003 16 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon
90 points, 44.75% ABV, $250

Cooked cherries, cherry cough drops, raspberry, vanilla, dried banana chips, and old attic on the nose. The palate’s texture is smooth, with undertones of spice and rich overtones of chocolate, blackberry jam, toasted almonds, zabaione, cinnamon, and pepper, against mature but balanced oak. A spiced finish offers blackberry, vanilla, cinnamon, and tobacco. Richly herbal, with deep fruit and chocolate, and balanced maturity. David Fleming

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