Spring 2017 Sneak Peek

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48 Hours in Chicago, the science of small barrels, bars with whisky lockers, sipping rum, cases to carry whisky, pairing whisky and chips, green malt, better cooking with whisky, and more! Plus the Whisky Advocate Auction Index


American Spirit by Fred Minnick

With an eager secondary market, bourbon retail prices seem to defy the laws of supply and demand. Fred charts a path to our good fortune.

Add Whiskey by Jeffery Lindenmuth

Black is the new brown when charcoal joins whiskey in the mixing glass to create these cocktails noir. Jeffery explores the black arts.

The Thinking Drinker by Stephen Beaumont

If it’s expensive, it’s got to be good! Or does it? Stephen considers the impact of price on perception among whisky enthusiasts.

A Lighter Dram by Terry Sullivan

Manhattan cocktail traditionalists prefer a lemon twist, but a neon-red garnish holds a special place for some. Terry takes his with a cherry on top.


Whisky Advocate Annual Awards by the Whisky Advocate Buying Guide reviewers

Our 23rd annual awards honor the most exciting whiskies, impactful distilleries, and influential people. Whatever your preferred whisky style or budget, an award-winning whisky awaits!

Remote Scottish Islands to Visit by Gavin D Smith

Our whisky lovers’ travel guide to Scotland’s far-flung Orkney delivers two impressive distilleries, Neolithic landmarks, and adventurous outings, including where to dine, drink, and explore!

Craft Comes of Age by Charles K. Cowdery

In the world of whiskey, time is money. These American craft distillers go the distance, exercising patience to create whiskeys at least four years of age, a traditional milestone of maturity.

Back to Finishing School by Jonny McCormick

Port and sherry and rum! Oh my! Finishing is the term for transferring a mature whisky to another cask to impart an extra layer of flavors before bottling. Learn all the ins and outs.

Different Oaks by Jake Emen

Oak barrels are one of the defining flavoring agents of whisky. From America to Japan, explore the many oak species, treatments, and considerations that shape whisky flavor to become an oak expert!

Peat Reboot by Gavin D Smith

Peat is more popular than ever! Even scotch distilleries that abandoned the smoky fuel decades ago are now reintroducing peat to their whiskies and exploring its multifaceted flavors.

On the Hunt for Rare Bourbon by Fred Minnick

Bourbon enthusiasts need to know not only what to buy but where to find it. Our expert guide leads the hunt for trophy bottles like Pappy Van Winkle and Buffalo Trace Antique Collection.

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