Download The New Whisky Advocate Sticker Pack

Whisky lovers, your iPhone experience is about to get a little more delicious. Get the attention of your favorite bartender or whisky loving pals by adding custom Whisky Advocate stickers to your text messages. The new Whisky Advocate sticker pack lets you share your love of whisky using animated cocktails, barrels, familiar whisky phrases, and—of course—lots of different glassware options. Whether you like to drink your whisky out of a Glencairn, a cocktail glass, on the rocks, or even in a Mint Julep cup, the Whisky Advocate sticker pack has you covered.

The sticker pack is easy to use: just make sure your apps are enabled on the manage stickers tab. See this link for more details about how to download and use stickers. The pack is available now in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. And at just $0.99, it costs less than a glass of whisky—probably a lot less!

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