Canadian whisky

Often referred to as “rye” even when no rye grain is used in the whisky-making process. Canadian whisky may be made of any cereal grain and a finished product typically blends several types of whisky—such as wheat, corn, and rye—which are all milled, mashed, fermented, distilled, and matured separately. In addition, Canadian regulations state that Canadian whisky must be aged in “small wood” (less than 700 liters) for at least 3 years; undergo mashing, distilling, and aging in Canada; contain no less than 40% ABV; and possess the aroma, taste, and character generally attributed to Canadian whisky. Canadian whisky may contain added caramel coloring and flavoring; the law allows for up to 9.09% of the blend to be added spirits aged at least 2 years or wine. For more information, see “Instant Expert: Canadian Whisky.”