Filey Bay Puts Yorkshire, England on the Whisky Map

Yorkshire is one of the most popular locations in the UK to visit, due to its people, scenery, culture, and historic landmarks. The Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery opened in 2016—the county’s first whisky distillery—and the team prides itself on grain-to-bottle distilling using only barley grown on the family farm at Hunmanby. Their stillhouse is equipped with two large Forsyths copper pot stills and a four-plate copper column, and the distillery has excelled at producing a wide variety of flavors and finishes since it started bottling its whiskies. Imported by ImpEx Beverages and widely distributed, it joins ImpEx’s roster of distilleries that were under the wing of the late Dr. Jim Swan in their early days, including Penderyn and Milk & Honey.

Filey Bay Fino Single Cask, STR Finish, and Flagship Reviewed

Filey Bay Fino Single Cask (No. 674)
93 points, 61%, $110

An intense wave of exotic spices and concentrated fruits: red apple, vanilla essence, citrus peel, dried fruits, golden sultana, and Thai curry spices. Impeccably balanced and composed, it has a thick chewy texture of dense fruitiness that you could scoop out with a spoon, displaying flavors of red apple, sweet tropical fruits, muscovado sugar, citrus peel, and a robust spiciness. Trust me, this is a phenomenal single cask whisky. (300 bottles)—Jonny McCormick

Filey Bay STR Finish
90 points, 48%, $80

The late Dr. Jim Swan favored the shaved, toasted, and re-charred red wine cask, and here it imparts an explosion of pan-roasted spices and peppercorns accompanied by aromas of blueberry, strawberry jam, and rowan jelly. The palate gets a little hot, with flavors of licorice, ginger-nut biscuits, pepper, and clove adding to the red apple and rowan notes. Rather than neat pours, this makes pretty special Highballs. (468 bottles)—Jonny McCormick

Filey Bay Flagship
89 points, 46%, $70

Single malt made in Yorkshire from 100% homegrown barley, the nose offers a combination of butter toffee, vanilla, ripe barley, banana peel, toasted oak, and dry wood spices, with fresh fruit and herbal notes as it opens up. Displaying pleasing first-fill bourbon cask characteristics, it begins with vanilla, honey, apple, and orange flavors before taking it up a gear with toffee, hints of chocolate, clove, and ginger. (768 bottles)—Jonny McCormick

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