Download the WhiskyFest App to Enhance Your Evening

With hundreds of whiskies poured, numerous seminars to choose from, and in-booth attractions, the savvy WhiskyFest attendee knows a little preparation goes a long way. Luckily, the WhiskyFest app is here to help. Plan your dram-filled route across the showroom floor, read up on seminars and who is leading them, and use the app to take notes along the way.

WhiskyFest hits San Francisco on October 4, with more than 400 whiskies available to taste. (Get some recommendations from Whisky Advocate’s editors about the can’t-miss bottles—and get your tickets before they sell out.) The WhiskyFest San Francisco app is now available, and we’ve made some improvements to make planning your evening easier than ever! Here’s what’s new this year.

Top 20 Whiskies

Want to try one of Whisky Advocate’s Top 20 picks from 2017 or 2018? Those that are being poured can be easily found in the app. From the “Whiskies” list, tap on the menu in the upper right corner to access “Categories.” You can choose one or more categories to display; tap “Reset” to clear and start a new search.

Separate VIP and Non-VIP Tabs

The “Whiskies” list has been divided into two sections—VIP pours and Non-VIP (Standard) pours—which you can toggle between. Look for the designation at the top of the Whiskies list.

Ballroom Map Navigation

From the Ballroom diagram, tap on a booth to see a list of what’s being poured there. You can then tap on one of the whiskies; if there’s more information about it, you’ll see it displayed here. This is a great way to make a wish list and keep track of what you taste as well—choose Want to Visit or Visited.


If you’re taking notes on the whiskies you taste, the app now allows you to edit and export them. Share any or all of the notes on social media, or email or text them to yourself or someone else. From the main menu in the app, select “My Notes”, then tap on the arrow in the upper right corner. Check off which notes you want to send, and then tap on “Share” in the upper right corner.

Give it a try; the app can help you make the most of your time at WhiskyFest.

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