Distillery 291: Built From Repurposed Materials and a Repurposed Career

Using copper photogravure plates left over from his photography career, distillery founder Michael Myers designed and built his own 45-gallon still. Thus, repurposed materials and a repurposed career are what launched 291 Colorado Whiskey. He released his first whiskey on September 11, 2011, the 10-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks. 

Production is now much larger than it was originally, although every batch of whiskey still passes through that first still, as it’s now the thump keg to Myers’s current 300-gallon still. Distillery 291—named after photographer Alfred Stieglitz’s New York gallery 291—makes more than 10 types of rye and bourbon. And while 291 has helped put Colorado on the whiskey map, its products have barely changed. The recipe for the bourbon that Distillery 291 serves today is nearly the exact same as Myers’s very first attempt at making whiskey. 

Drink this: Distillery 291 Aspen Stave Finished Barrel Proof Single Barrel Rye
89 points, 50.8% ABV, $105
Papaya, nectarine, blueberry, grape, oak, chocolate, and pistachio

Eat here: Restaurant 1858
A Broadmoor property located at the banks of Seven Falls, Restaurant 1858 makes a great Colorado Mule with Distillery 291’s white whiskey. Pair it with cast iron-cooked Colorado Rocky Mountain trout. 

Stay here: The Broadmoor
This luxury resort carries Distillery 291 and other fine whiskies at many of its 17 on-site restaurants, cafes, and lounges.

Take a side Trip: Seven Falls
Hike Seven Falls, a breathtaking canyon trail along a series of waterfalls, located less than one mile from The Broadmoor. 

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