Canned Whiskey Cocktails Make For Easy Drinking

Cans are about more than soda and beer. Reynolds Metals Company created the first aluminum beverage can in 1963, and by 1985, cans were the world’s most popular beverage package. The quick-chilling, convenient, and shatterproof vessel has even won over wine and craft beer drinkers. Now, whisky drinkers can trust it to get the job done with these canned whiskey cocktails.

Pop the Top on These Canned Whiskey Cocktails

Fishers Island Lemonade—9%, $16/4 pack
Fishers Island, New York can only be reached by ferry. But you can enjoy the island’s trademark cocktail anywhere. Pleasantly tart and dangerously drinkable.

Chicago Distilling Old Fashioned High Ball—10%, $13/4 pack
Craft bourbon fuels this sweet and oaky Highball with spiced cookie flavors, almost like drinking a cinnamon soda. The lively effervescence makes it a nice refresher on ice.

CanCan Boar’s Bourbon Root Beer—10%, $21/4 pack
Crafted in small batches of just 3,000 cans, this root beer is richly layered with herbal flavors of horehound, licorice, sassafras, ginger, and spice. Mix up an adult root beer float.

Hochstadter’s Slow and Low Rock & Rye—42%, $5/100 ml
Straight rye whiskey, raw honey, navel oranges, and Angostura bitters meet with the perfect bit of rock candy sweetness. Like a ready-made Old Fashioned cocktail.

Black Skimmer Bourbon Whiskey Highball—10%, 12 oz.; $14/4 pack
Cutwater Spirits’ wonderfully refreshing Highball of straight bourbon, house-made soda water, and fresh mint tastes just like a fizzy Mint Julep.

Southern Tier Bourbon Smash—10%, 12 oz.; $15/4 pack
Combining citrus, mint, and the distillery’s own bourbon, this Highball-style drink is lightly carbonated, slightly sweet, and super refreshing.

Stillhouse Black Bourbon—40%, $20/375 ml
Not technically a cocktail, this bourbon gets an additional charcoal filtering and final mellowing on roasted coffee beans. Ideal to spike a cola or iced coffee with vanilla and cocoa flavors.

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